Let’s be besties!

If you’ve stumbled upon this site, welcome. If you were invited by a friend, family member or coworker, send them a quick thank you, because your life just got a little more awesome!

This is a blog for ladies who adult. Well, ladies who “adult.” (Ladies attempting to adult? I digress.)

The concept for this blog is not a new one – a group of women sharing stories, advice and humor to unite themselves against the general nastiness in the world. My goal is for this blog to be your hide-out. When work gets tough, when your kids are screaming and when you can’t help but roll your eyes – take a minute. Read a fun story, a sassy tutorial or share in someone else’s pain/joy. We have a variety of categories but check back often (and subscribe!) because I’m sure we’ll be adding more!

Hate makeup? We’ve got tales of parenting and fashion. Boring job? Check out our career trips (or travel tips to plan a much-needed vacay!) No kids? We’ve got stories about lifestyle and beauty. Single and ready to mingle? Enjoy our love stories that range from married broads, engaged lovelies and serial daters. Looking for a new craft or something fun to buy? We’ve got DIYs, hobbies and reviews!

Whoever you are, whatever stage in your life you find yourself, I hope this will bring you some kind of joy/hope/relief. We’ve ALL been there, we’ll all be there at some point… so in the meantime, let’s be besties!

(Thank you to the amazing group of women and contributors that I’m proud to call my guinea pigs. This is an experiment that I’m excited about, and I’m proud you’re a part of it all. Interested in contributing because you’d like to try blogging without the commitment or pressure of starting your own blog? Let me know! If you have a really funny or important story that you’d like to share, send it over! Are you an established blogger looking to share your stories on a bigger forum? Bring it on! Contact me today at ladieswhoadult@gmail.com – I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!) 

let’s be besties!

Kelly Strausbaugh
Let’s Be Besties
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