Top Sunscreens based on Consumer Reports.

Summer Essentials

Are you getting ready for summer yet? I am, I mean it’s already like 90 degrees here in Florida. So in what little down time or “me” time I have I like to spend it online shopping or researching products. Dorky, I know. But I like to be an informed buyer and I really like to find things that make my life as a mom easier and more enjoyable. Anyways, with the sweltering heat already here I’m thinking about summer essentials and that starts with top notch sun protection for our family this summer.

Top Sunscreens based on Consumer Reports.
Top Sunscreens based on Consumer Reports. Photo by: Christina Zieschang

I read an article from The Today Show that lead me to a Consumer Reports article that had me really digging into the sunscreens that we put on our skins, and wondering what kind of protection we’re really getting. You’d be surprised at which ones only give you half the protection that they claim. Anyways, the ones pictured are the top ones in each category (spray, lotion, stick) and can all be purchased at Walmart. Oh & this isn’t sponsored but maybe it should be hahaha! Just lookin out for my peeps. 😉
While I’ve used the Neutrogena products for years, I was shocked to find out that not all their products are created equal. So you bet your sweet tail I’m tossing aside my Wet Skin Spray for the Equate option.

Young Living Summer Essentials.
Young Living Summer Essentials. Photo by: Christina Zieschang

Now I can’t tell you about the best sun protection without sharing my favorite AFTER sun care! Young Living has my fave products in this department. LavaDerm Cooling Mist is aloe based and perfection for Cooling you down while your in the sun but also works wonders on those rosie spots that you may have missed with the sunscreen. Another product I’m absolutely obsessed with from Young Living for after sun care is Cool Azul Sports Gel. Also aloe based and full of good stuff! This is a Gel but it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky like others on the shelves. Plus both products contain only good for you ingredients, which is what we want for our skin and especially for our kiddos skin! I also don’t leave home without a bottle of Young Living Lavender essential oil. Like ever. It’s called the Swiss Army knife of essential oils for good reason. This is another product that works wonders on any spots you missed with the sunscreen, or the cuts and burns that happen, all while making everyone calm or sleepy. Which is super handy if your traveling and the kids (or yourself) find it hard to fall asleep in a new place.

DIY Beach Wave Hair Spritz. Photo by: Christina Zieschang

Lastly, I have THE best beach waves hair spritz that I like to make for summer! It’s easy and leaves your hair with that perfect beach wave, plus it smells amazing.

4oz Spray Bottle (link to the one I have)
1/2 Tsp Himalayan Sea Salt or Epsom Salt
1 Tsp Aloe Vera Gel
1/2 Tsp Hair Conditioner
Essential Oils of Choice*
Boiling Water

Combine ingredients in the bottle. Spritz into hair and scrunch. 
*Suggestions: Lavender + Lime, Peppermint + Lime, Lenon + Tangerine, Stress Away + Citrus Fresh. 

So I hope this leaves you armed with some of the best products for your summer fun in the sun! What products are on your essentials list for this summer?

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Ps. If you want more information about any of the Young Living products I mentioned feel free to get in touch with me. I’m happy to get ya hooked up. I also have a sweet discount for you! xo

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