Creating Your Own Mission Statement

Hi lovelies!

I’m on summer break from school right now which means I have a lot more free time + mental space to play around with. A lot of it has been spent reflecting and preparing for the busy semester ahead. I’ll be working 3 jobs and doing a part-time speech-language pathology graduate program. Oh, and being a wife, dog mama, sister, friend, etc. With that in mind, I wanted to create a mission statement for my life. Something that I can go back to when the crazy hits!


Do you have a mission statement for your life? When you wake up every morning do you have a sense of drive and purpose? Or do you just kind of fumble your way through the day, hoping that everything comes together?
I was doing some reflection after my meditation the other day and I realized that I wanted a condensed mission statement to propel me through my days. Something concrete that I can recite and cling to. Something that gives me direction and clarity amidst everyday chaos.
Having a mission statement helps you see what is important in your life and where your energy should be going. It helps you weed out the things that don’t align with what you want your life to be.
It’s no secret that I have an extremely full plate. I want to really hone in on getting my priorities straight before my new fall schedule starts so that I can walk into it with confidence rather than crumbling under stress.
My mission statement encompasses what I want to be and what I want my life to look like. We have to create the lives we want, guys. It’s never just going to happen. The thoughts that you focus on will manifest. What you channel your energy to is what you will produce.
People always ask me how I do so much in a single day with such grace and poise. Well it hasn’t always been like this. I used to constantly think about how much I had to do/how I was going to get it all done/how exhausted I would be after it all was finished. Now I focus on what I’m grateful for and what I want my life to look like. So much peace, love, and productivity has followed because of that.
I want to share my mission statement with you:
The purpose of my life is to be a vessel of infectious light and love.
To inspire others and make everybody feel like somebody.
To be fully present and invested in my life and the people in it.
To be known for who I am rather than what I accomplish.
I would love to hear your mission statement if you’re willing to share it!
 This post originally appeared on my blog, Lovely Little Things.

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