How to Keep a Crop Top Classy



Gianni Bini Top/ LuLaRoe Lucy/ LuLaRoe Slip Ons (Similar HERE)/ Old Navy Earrings

Crop Tops, a word that tends to ensue facial disapproval either by a scowl, grimace, head shake or the ever popular eye roll. They are on every corner & on every person. Crop Tops have been given a bad reputation mostly because they are so easily worn wrong & not because of the person wearing them….ok sometimes it is the person (common sense, come on people). So I’m here to defend the piece & to give you some of my best tips on how to keep a crop top classy; a challenge that I’m willing to accept. Taking it all the way back to high school with this lovely outline. LOL

A.  ALWAYS pair with something high-waisted.
1.You want a crop top to accentuate your smallest part which is normally your high waist. Remember, the goal is to show your midriff NOT your belly.

B. Balance with other classic pieces.
1. Streamlined/straight lines, Classic silhouettes
2. Premium Denim
3. Simple Jewelry

C. Compensate for less coverage
1. Layers
2. Blazers
3. Kimonos
4.  Sleeves
5.  Accessories

Omgosh guys, I literally just gave you the ABC’s of Crop Tops. I crack myself up. Ok, so you obviously don’t have to do all three of the above every time to make a crop top work but usually if you combine one or two of the above you will be set. For the above look, I made sure to pair the top with a high-waisted LuLaRoe Lucy skirt & I also compensated for less coverage by the exaggerated sleeves on the top.

Also, can we just talk about these shoes for a second. LuLaRoe came out with these AMAZING slip-ons for summer for retailers.This pair is a blush pink leather with embroidered colorful florals – They are my new fave for summer & they WILL be coming with me to convention in July!

I hope this post helps you in all of your crop top ventures.


Photography: The Moonsea






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