Weekly Grocery List Template

Hi friends!

I’ve been scurrying around trying to get my life as orderly as possible before I start grad school and my new jobs later this month. I’ve cleaned out and organized closets, made appointments, and revamped our home’s grocery list template…which brings me to today’s post:

I figured some of y’all could get some use out of this ☺️ Just click here to download it for free!
I like to write what we’re having for dinner in the left column. Planning meals ahead not only keeps things stress free during busy weeks, but it also keeps me from buying unnecessary things at the grocery store. We usually play the weekends by ear as far as dinners go, so that’s why there aren’t spaces for Saturday/Sunday.
Oh and in case you were wondering, I have “dairy-ish” because we use almond milk at our house, haha!
Happy shopping!
 This post originally appeared on my blog, The Social Speechie.
P.S. I used AG fonts in the template!


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