A Mermaid’s Summer List

Tampa’s forecast has been between the 80’s and 90’s for weeks now. There’s no denying that Florida’s Spring (if we ever had one) has come to an end. I wanted to share my wish list of items to treat myself with and celebrate every mermaid’s favorite season- Summer! Of course, they’re all 1 click away on Amazon.

I’ve seen swans and flamingos, but check out this mermaid tail float. Total game changer! This seller has a lot of other cute floating drink holders and pool floats.

The most useful thingamabob! Add some extra flare to popping open your favorite pry-off bottle capped beverage (or use them on twist-offs just to show it off).

Who else is excited (and relieved) that one pieces are becoming trendy? So many cute styles are available, like this simple suit in multiple colors, that won’t make you feel like an old sea witch for wanting to cover up your stomach.

This stunning lunch box is perfect for a beach snack or an office lunch! It says “Gourmet” in the description- go on, you’re worth it!

This racerback tank top looks like it belongs in a high end boutique! Choose starfish bra or clam bra. Either way- they’re both sequined. Score!

These socks are perfect for any.. what do they call them? Oh, feet! (I may or may not have included this on this list so I could use that line. They’re so cute, though!) When you’re not at the beach or poolside, represent your mermaid status.

What are some of your must have items to bring a little bit of mermaid with you everywhere you go? Be sure to comment below!


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