The importance of a #girlsquad

I am definitely one of “those girls” – I love having a #girlsquad. Before TSwift made it uber popular, I just always loved surrounding myself with fun ladies who liked food, loved girl talk and appreciated how much fun it can be to dress up a bit.

Let me preface: I wasn’t super popular in high school, I was very much a late-bloomer, and I finally figured out how to do my hair… when I was 20.

However, I’ve always been drawn to awesome, empowered, confident women. I’ve been known to approach ladies I don’t know to compliment their purse, offer to take a photo of the outfit they clearly put thought into and are effortlessly pulling off, or tell them I think they are great, if I know them but don’t know them.

And you know what? About 95% of the time, we become friends.

Weird? Maybe. I call it like I see it. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Life is too short to NOT say something (nice/helpful/funny).

I have always been an advocate for women having women friends. It’s not that I’m against having guy friends but… have you talked to a guy lately? Kidding. I love my husband, but there are things I won’t talk to him about. Call it old-school, close-minded, whatever. When I hear girls say they just don’t have a lot of girlfriends, or they just don’t get along with girls, or they prefer guys… I just think maybe they haven’t met the right ladies!

Without my girl squad, I’d be a mess. I’d be heartbroken, miserable and sad. My fierce network of empowering she-warriors began in high school, when a teacher mentored me and changed my life by pushing me to enter, and later win, a national competition to which I never would have applied. I had another mentor who took me to our state capitol to meet senators, representatives and the lobbyists I would later join for an internship. There have been so many great women along the way who have impacted my life and changed me.

Now, I look at my squad and I can’t be happier. They are fierce. Empowered. Strong. Passionate. Bright. Fun. Loving. Honest. Creative. Beautiful. Faithful. Loyal. Pure. Edgy. Trendy. Classic. Old-school. New-age. Wise. Silly.

If I’m lucky enough to call you a friend, thank you. I am so lucky to have you. I’m so lucky to be in that group of obnoxious girls who insist on taking group photos and laughing at the outtakes. For taking one hundred outfit photos and picking the right filters. For remembering the dumb things we said last week and for tripping in the parking lot. For letting me cry about my husband or telling me a story that I can relate to something happening. For bearing your souls so I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. For allowing me to tell YOU how special, important, amazing, bold and strong I think you are, and how I love you.

If you don’t have a girl squad, I encourage you to find one. Strike up a conversation, find mutual friends and allow yourself to experience what Taylor Swift has known all along: alone is okay, but together is always way more fun!

How did you build your squad? Tell me your friend-meeting advice below, or comment for tips!

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