Theme of the Month: Self-Love in February

This year, I made New Year’s Resolutions. Guess what? I’ve actually been following through! My secret? I avoided the typical “lose weight,” “exercise,” “eat better/less,” “clean the house,” resolutions that always have me defeated by week three. Okay, week two. But who’s counting?

Instead, my resolutions went a little something like this:

  • Mess around with photography (it’s a skill I want to grow, because I want to take better photos – of other people, and myself! By using the word “mess” it doesn’t force me to become an expert. That’s SO overwhelming! I don’t need to “learn” another hobby, but I can sure as heck practice it as I go.)
  • Plan (and stick with!) regular girls nights/brunches/outings/phone calls! (This way, even if it’s a video chat, it still counts. It still helps my heart!)
  • Hustle, but take breaks.
  • Write more (again, not super specific. Can be work-related, fun projects, etc.)
  • Buy stamps (This is a trick. If I buy stamps, I’ll be tempted to use them. I’m a weirdo and I love hand-written thank you notes. So with this, I plan to write one thank you note per month. One is the goal. See? I’m setting that bar low! If I can handle one letter, I’ll be more likely to write two or three! It’s a lost art.)
  • Say “yes”
  • Avoid situations and/or people that you know will make you feel miserable, but still go out of your comfort zone (at least twice!)

And probably my favorite one: Set a theme for each month.

January’s theme was just to make the resolutions (yes, I took a pass on that!) so I checked that off! February’s theme was eluding me until my girlfriend and fellow #bossbabe had a similar idea; creating a word/phrase to help inspire our other femmepreneurs. So, introducing the word I’ve been living by: Love. Or rather, SELF-love.

This can mean manicures, pedicures, a spa day, showing yourself some appreciation and maybe grabbing a hair mask at the drug store. However, it can ALSO mean digging a bit deeper. I recommend mixing the two – increasing your beauty inside and out.

How do I define self-love?

I’m a mom, and I work from home. My son is 13 months old. I love him. I also love clothes. Getting ready for stuff. Doing my hair and (sometimes) makeup. Curled hair is my favorite. I hate cleaning my house but LOVE cleaning and vacuuming my car.

For me, self-love means sometimes ignoring the dishes and doing my hair. Avoiding laundry and cleaning my car. Taking a break from a big project and doing something creative. Looking in the mirror and telling myself that I’m cool and I’ve still got “it” – that’s right, “it!” Making myself be IN pictures (something I’m learning to love, especially when I’ve got my son and a fierce outfit). This even means asking strangers to take a photo when I’m out and about. Confidence is everything. You can TELL when someone is happy. I want to show my son a strong woman, and how important that is in life, so he grows up knowing how to treat and respect women, and how to pick a woman who loves herself. I want to show my niece how important it is to love yourself, and to look inward for that validation that I’ve spent my whole life trying to find. Self-love means that when you love yourself, it’s easier to love others. Isn’t that something the world can use a little more of?

Let’s show ourselves some extra love this February. What’s your idea of a good time? Is it avoiding people you don’t like, and being alone with your thoughts? Is it treating yourself to an extra muffin and wearing comfy pants? Share below and let’s spread the love!

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