A Weekend in the Alamo City

Last weekend, I hurriedly got the dogs, horses, cows, cats, and other animals all taken care of, threw some jeans into a small carry on, (very atypical as I’m the queen of overpacking) and hopped a plane to Texas. Leaving from we-always-have-thunderstorms-in-summer Florida, my original flight was delayed 8 hours due to lightening, and the new airline I was able to switch to was delayed 3 hours. Pick your poison, I guess. Traveling is fun!

But seriously, shoutout to American Airlines for switching my flight so I could get to San Antonio a little sooner.

I finally arrived late that evening, after having missed the dinner I was originally traveling for, and after a tasty appetizer of bruschetta and welcomed glass of red wine got some much needed sleep. I will never understand why sitting so long on a plane is so exhausting.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring San Antonio, a spot I had not yet visited. With our hotel on the river walk, it was a short trip downtown, and we left early enough before the whole town turned into an oven. With heat warnings across Texas, the weather has been no joke. I later found out San Antonio has been hitting record highs over 110 degrees.

Of course, we had to be tourists. You can’t go to San Antonio and not see the Alamo. Now, I’m going to be honest. I totally thought the Alamo was out in rural, desert side Texas. Nope, it’s right downtown.

After waiting in a short line, we read all the informative signs and got to tour the church. It was actually quite remarkable for a building that old to have been built that well. An awestruck reverence hung about the place.

Sidenote: before you enter, they take your picture outside the building, just like at Disney World. I looked up our proofs online just for fun and am still trying to decide if I’m going to get ours printed on a coffee mug or mouse pad.

We spent the rest of the day walking around shops, the mall, and sitting by the river at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Sounds pretty Texas, right?

Here’s another tip. Everyone talks about this “river.” Everything downtown is by “the riverwalk.” Just to save you some disappointment or confusion, it is a small man made river of all concrete. I was confused too.

Later that night was my favorite part of the trip. We had dinner reservations at Bohanan’s, a famous steak house recommended by the Uber driver and affirmed by many. As usual, I showed up underdressed. It was a bit nicer than what I was told.

However, it was absolutely amazing. If you’re in the area and looking for a great date night or have a special occasion, go! The first level you walk into is a cocktail area with a long, wooden bar stretching down the side of the room. Leather sofas, small tables, and a grand piano maintain the rest of the space. If you’re not eating supper, it would be a great place to meet for drinks and appetizers.

When your table is ready, a host walks you to the back where the elevators take you up to the second floor where the dining room is.

One of the best parts of the whole meal was their famous, house made “candied jalapeños” appetizers everyone is served. Now hold on. If you are like me, you just thought “ew no, I hate jalapenos.” Try it! The perfect sweet and mildly spicy balance, they are served over whipped cream cheese with crisp buttery baguettes. They were so good we ordered two jars to take home.

The steak was amazing as well, perfectly cooked and not seasoned too much as to take away from the buttery-soft filet. The service was phenomenal and I can’t even tell you if dessert was good or not because I was too full to finish my steak, and that is saying something. I think it was those dang candied jalapenos.

With a 6 am flight to catch the next day, it was an early night but the close to a great, quick, weekend getaway. Next time you are in San Antonio, I would definitely recommend Bohanan’s Steakhouse and if you haven’t seen the Alamo, you can check that off your list too. Happy travels!


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