But It’s a Dry Heat

But It’s a Dry Heat

Scottsdale, Arizona was the travel destination in early August. When I told people that’s where we were traveling to, I’m sure you can predict their response- “It’s so hot! But it’s a dry heat.” Like, everyone said that. As a lifetime Floridian, I get heat. I thrive in humidity. Working outside in Florida summers is much like what I would imagine swimming in a bowl of soup to be like. There is not enough hairspray in the world to prep a hairstyle against the Florida humidity, and my summer look is forever a tank, shorts, and very, very, messy bun. If you get married in the summer, sorry in advance but I’m going to look homeless.

I was excited to travel that far west for the first time and experience Arizona. But I truly did not expect to love it as much as I did. Leaving Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the first thing I noticed were cactuses (cacti?). Everywhere. And I LOVED it. Now if you’ve been anywhere on social media the past yearish I’m sure you’ve noticed the cactus trend. I don’t know how that came about, but Arizona is on fleek.

Scottsdale is about a 30 minute drive from Phoenix, so we got to see some scenery on the way to the Fairmount Princess Resort. Sandy mountains, rocky terrain, palm trees, cactuses (cacti?!), and desert stretched out as far as you could see. The landscape actually reminded me a lot of the central Florida grazing land and sprawling ranches that I love.

And just as they said, it was hot. Extremely hot. And so dry, it felt like I was under a hair dryer all weekend. Margaritas by the Sunset Beach pool barely even broke a sweat, and when you emerged from the water you found yourself dry within minutes. Mist machines hanging over all the poolside bars at the Fairmount barely wet your skin by the time they landed on you. Let me just restate this one time for the record- there was no humidity!

The hotel was beyond wonderful and the pool had a great frozen drink menu, something I am normally skeptical of. Guess what one drink was called? “But It’s a Dry Heat.” Didn’t try it because I was on a “Frose All Day” kick most of the time. Delicious.

We went to two restaurants that I highly recommend- Cowboy Ciao and Toro Latin Restaurant and Rum Bar. The first was more of a local spot, but still conveniently located downtown. We actually only got to appetizers and split them and they were AMAZING. The first was called a Stetson Chopped salad, but don’t think lettuce. I actually don’t even think it had lettuce in it. It reminded me of one of those seven layer salads someone always brings to a cook out, but way better. I’m not going to describe it because if I do you won’t order it, but trust me it’s amazing!

The second appetizer we got was a twist on a caprese salad. Stacks of mozzarella cheese, basil, and marinated tomatoes were layered in a mason jar and served with toasted bread. Highly recommend. Paired with an awesome wine flight, this meal was perfect!

The second restaurant was a little more high end and located on the hotel property. Like the name says, they have a ton of rum. Now I am by no means a rum aficionado. But turns out I like something that starts with a B that I did not take a picture of.

Now ok, when I think toro I think bull and then I think steak. But this wasn’t a steak house; it was actually seafood. We ended up getting sushi that even to a Florida native was awesome! The place had a different feel than anywhere I have ever been before. And the chocolate crunch cake for dessert was the highlight of my trip. Besides the Froses.

Scottsdale turned out to be a great long weekend getaway in the Valley, and the Fairmont was hands down an incredible place to stay. I would 10/10 go back, and if you ever get the chance to go, do it!

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