It’s been a while!

Goodness gracious, it feels so good to be behind the keyboard, blogging in this space. It feels like 100 years – so much has changed. When this blog began, I was a mama to one rambunctious little boy with plans for world domination through hugs, love and shared chocolate! Now, here we are – in the midst of a world that looks very different.

We’re all going through this together so I’ll keep the world recap brief (global pandemic and chaos, terrifying conspiracy theories, toilet paper shortages – lol – wondering where to go from here…) as we pray and work towards a better future. I refuse to use the term “new normal” because it seems redundant, the world keeps changing and all we can do is adapt and try to stay loving, kind, wise and sane.

My own personal journey has led me to this new era in my life – unprecedented circumstances aside, I feel as though my mental health is good. Stable, active – good. We’ve since welcomed the most wonderful little girl to our family and it has been the best time. Before we welcomed our little miss, we suffered a miscarriage that took me through a world of hurt, and with a lot of prayer and sharing with friends, I came out stronger and honestly, I think I’m a better mama. That year was a rocky one, to say the least. I leaned on my family, my friends, God… it helps having our boy around, you can’t really stay down for long around him. He lives life FULL throttle, and it’s contagious in the best, most distracting way. I still feel like I was able to grieve in my own way, and that may be a story to share.

Our sweet little family of four has made my heart grow more than I realized possible – Grinch-style, if you will! I’ve felt a pull towards blogging again and I am so excited to return to this place of fun, love and hopefully, drag some of my fellow bloggers back in! I’ll say this 100,000 times – while so much has changed, I still feel as though the topics are relevant and I hope it’s a fun place to share thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, reviews – and more! Some of my favorite friendships are the ones where we can pick up the phone after some time away, and it’s like nothing’s changed. Here’s to picking up where we left off!

xoxo, Kelly

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