A Mermaid’s Summer List

Tampa’s forecast has been between the 80’s and 90’s for weeks now. There’s no denying that Florida’s Spring (if we ever had one) has come to an end. I wanted to share my wish list of items to treat myself with and celebrate every mermaid’s favorite season- Summer! Of course, they’re all 1 click away on Amazon. I’ve seen swans and flamingos, but check out … Continue reading A Mermaid’s Summer List

3 Must-Have Amazon Dresses Under $30

I prefer to online shop rather than go into stores. I know my measurements and my general sizes. If it doesn’t fit or it’s not what I expected, I send them back on their merry way. Once I discovered Amazon had really cute clothes at pretty decent prices, I was in!  A lot of it is free two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Need … Continue reading 3 Must-Have Amazon Dresses Under $30