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Review: BabyQuip Rentals on Vacation

Thankfully, there isn’t much that makes me feel frazzled these days… but there’s nothing like a vacation with the in-laws to make my heart start racing, my lists start piling up and my fear of forgetting something keeping me awake at night. (Not that my in-laws make us feel like we are bad parents for forgetting something, but I think it’s that age-old thing where … Continue reading Review: BabyQuip Rentals on Vacation

We Should Hang Out!

​Let me guess the last thing you are possibly thinking about right now. No, really. Let me guess. Remember those things you make in January that you’re totally 100% committing to this time! Well hey, just me here, bragging that I am actually keeping my New Year’s Resolution this year. Keep reading to find out more! On a serious note, my New Year’s Resolution this … Continue reading We Should Hang Out!

But It’s a Dry Heat

But It’s a Dry Heat Scottsdale, Arizona was the travel destination in early August. When I told people that’s where we were traveling to, I’m sure you can predict their response- “It’s so hot! But it’s a dry heat.” Like, everyone said that. As a lifetime Floridian, I get heat. I thrive in humidity. Working outside in Florida summers is much like what I would … Continue reading But It’s a Dry Heat