The importance of a #girlsquad

I am definitely one of “those girls” – I love having a #girlsquad. Before TSwift made it uber popular, I just always loved surrounding myself with fun ladies who liked food, loved girl talk and appreciated how much fun it can be to dress up a bit. Let me preface: I wasn’t super popular in high school, I was very much a late-bloomer, and I … Continue reading The importance of a #girlsquad

Nine New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Involve a Treadmill

Happy New Year! I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and spent valuable time with family and friends and in the outdoors! ​ Guess what time of year it is?? New Year’s Resolution time!!!! AKA the time you don’t go to the gym because it is SO crowded, but don’t worry it will clear out by February. Sad but true. This year, … Continue reading Nine New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Involve a Treadmill

The art of the brain dump

I’ll quickly explain my situation: I’m the mom of the most amazing almost 11-month-old boy and I work from home, and I’ve never felt busier. I’ve worked in marketing for a nonprofit organization, a large retail company, a local PR firm, and as an intern for an agriculture lobbyist. Each job has taught me so much and each has challenged me more than I ever … Continue reading The art of the brain dump