But It’s a Dry Heat

But It’s a Dry Heat Scottsdale, Arizona was the travel destination in early August. When I told people that’s where we were traveling to, I’m sure you can predict their response- “It’s so hot! But it’s a dry heat.” Like, everyone said that. As a lifetime Floridian, I get heat. I thrive in humidity. Working outside in Florida summers is much like what I would … Continue reading But It’s a Dry Heat

A Weekend in the Alamo City

Last weekend, I hurriedly got the dogs, horses, cows, cats, and other animals all taken care of, threw some jeans into a small carry on, (very atypical as I’m the queen of overpacking) and hopped a plane to Texas. Leaving from we-always-have-thunderstorms-in-summer Florida, my original flight was delayed 8 hours due to lightening, and the new airline I was able to switch to was delayed … Continue reading A Weekend in the Alamo City