How does this blog work? We have a team of amazing, empowered women who blog about a variety of topics. That means fresh content, consistently. Our team will ebb, flow and grow, so we invite you to read blogs written by any number of our wonderful authors! I’ve included a few contributors below from our original sisterhood/blog tribe – enjoy!



Kelly Davis Strausbaugh

A work-from-home momma to a beautiful baby boy, an entrepreneur and a lover of chocolate & jokes! The founder of this blog and the Facebook group that started it all – Girls who blog!

Blog Specialties: How to start blogging & blogging tips, mom tales & reviews, book recommendations (nerd alert!), funny stories about my husband

Fun Facts: My dream job is to be an infomercial actress, I could re-watch The Office & Harry Potter (movies 3,5-8) and The Godfather 2 one hundred times, blogging & inspiring others is my PASSION. Need an idea for a blog or a way to promote yourself or your business? Let me know, I’d love to help – that’s the true mission behind “Let’s be Besties.” So let’s!

Chelsea Bryn

Full-time mom and full-time career woman exploring life post-divorce.

Blog Specialties: Being a mom of a boy – silly stories and things this kid says (they really do say the darndest things!), being a single mom, dating as a single mom, mommy-and-me exercise.

Fun Facts: I love being a mom and I love being a friend. I love exercising and being outside – especially when I’m with my son. I’m learning how to love again. Laughing is my favorite!

Chelsea Sharek

Owner of LuLaRoe Chelsea Sharek, wife & mom to 2 fur pups, physical therapist assistant by day

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Blog Specialties: Style/fashion, designer pieces for budget cost, leadership/inspirational/motivational pieces, dressing for your body type, latest trends

Fun Facts: I’m a professional shopper, wife & mama to 2 fur pups, I’m a little bit good at a whole lot of things! I’m learning how to hand letter, I recently took up bullet journaling, I believe that grocery shopping is therapeutic, and animal prints and glitter are my favorite.

Christina Zieschang 

Slay at home mom (you read that right), high school senior & family photographer, essential oil addict & educator, blogger

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Blog SpecialtiesMom photography tips, how to dress your family for photos, how to take better selfies, DIY gift ideas using photos or essential oils, product reviews, Disney travel tips

Fun Facts: I have two kids, Kayleen and Kayden – they are my photography muses. I’m a wife to a regular ole hero, a former Marine and future Firefighter. I have a slight Disney, Pepsi, and Essential Oil obsession. Amazon is life changing; if I never had to go to a physical store again I wouldn’t! #primemylife

Emily Pembroke

Marketing Project Planner, noble land mermaid, lover of champagne and pizza

Blog SpecialtiesAdult friendships, Adulting in general, wedding planning, DIY successes and fails (let’s hope mostly successes)

Fun Facts: Amazon Prime is my guilty pleasure! Clothes, groceries, electronics.. it will change your life. I also love cups – Tervis, Yeti, free promotional cups, you name it!

Jessica Massey

Graduate Student, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, Physical Education Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer

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Blog Specialties: Career and lifestyle, hobbies with a focus on hand lettering!

Fun Facts: I recently took up hand lettering and I love it! When I see my work hanging in people’s homes or their wedding receptions it makes my heart so happy! I’m also a newbie yogi. I’ve been a weight lifter for a few years but I recently fell in love with getting bendy on my yoga mat.

Jordan Schmitzer

A full-time English teacher and a Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger in her free time!

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Blog SpecialtiesBeauty & reviews

Fun Facts: My students would tell you I come with extra sass! I also am pretty good at extreme-couponing for makeup at drugstores!

3Katey McClenny

An aspiring adult! A Florida girl, Jesus freak and lover of expensive hobbies

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Blog SpecialtiesOutdoors & lifestyle – travel, hunting, fishing, and anything else that has to do with being outside and finding new experiences

Fun Facts: I’m an outdoors girl – I love hunting, fishing, working out, all my fur babies, nice smelling laundry detergent and people who make me laugh!

Denise “Neesey” Mueller

By day, Product Photographer, by night, Travel Blogger

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Blog Specialties: Book recommendations (hello, book clubbers!), travel advice, living a creative life (inspired by Big Magic and Draw Everyday Draw Every Way)

Fun Facts: I moved to Florida from Indiana to attend Ringling College of Art and Design. I’m now a product photographer for a Florida regional retailer. My husband, who is also my best friend, is German, and we’ve been visiting his family in Germany every year for the last ten years, and that has inspired our Germany travel blog! We have two cats who are intensely spoiled, their names are Katze and Jayla.

Lindsey nickel de la o

“Old” mom, serial entrepreneur, brand consultant, restaurateur, bad speller, social media unicorn, fashion retailer, and motivational human

Blog Specialties: Giving yourself permission to fail, so you have a great idea – and how to turn it into profit!

Fun Facts: Nothing shocks me. My life continues to be filled with rich and exciting experiences & expect moments of reflection and comparison in my writings. I know and do all the things. All the things… I base my friendships with other people on their love of GOT, Walking Dead and Dave Chapel and I am not ashamed of it. I can rap Baby Got Back, (most of) Shoop and the bridge from “The Hook” by Blues Traveler by heart… and the opening of tune to Animaniacs. I am always up for Karaoke –  you never have to ask.

Melissa Parker 

Communications Specialist in School PR, but most importantly, Mom.

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Blog Specialties: Parenting, Reviews & Travel including theme parks!

Fun Facts: Sarasota native who is always looking forward to my next adventure with my 5- year old by my side. Dream of becoming a member of the Disney SMMC (Social Media Moms Club.) I’m a Netflix binge-watching, vintage-loving gal.

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